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2.5 Hours

"Ride To Buffalo Park"


Ride Buffalo 2.5 Hours

    The views from Buffalo Park are amazing as you will enjoy this ride and walk in the park an incredible experience.  Your tour will include views of pines and parks while discovering paths through the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS). Your tour includes instruction of the RadPower E-bike, their operation, and safety tips while on trails and encountering other riders. Water & energy bar included. Private group rides available by request for up to six people. Choice of pub or coffee house coupon upon completion of your ride.  
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3.0 Hours



Ride the Urban Trails 3.0 Hours

    Let’s ride Flagstaff and see it close to 20 miles of pines, peaks, paths and parks. This tour requires above average physical ability while the mobility assist function will help as needed. Your tour includes instruction on RadPower E-bike, their operation and safety tips while on trails and encountering other riders and path users. Helmets, water & energy bar included. Private group rides available by request for up to six people. 
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1.5 Hours



Experience E-biking 1.5 Hours

    A discovery tour that will provide you with a great time while learning the value of e-bike pedal assistance. See great views of peaks and pines while riding paths through parks and the Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS).  Perfect tour if you are considering an e-bike for transportation, fitness or recreation. Your tour includes instruction on the RadPower E-bike, its operation, and safety tips while on trails and encountering other riders. Water & energy bar included. 
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Why tour with us?

We are an educational experience with discovery on the operation of e-bikes for transportation and recreational purposes and you will learn about mobility assisted options for your outdoor interests.

The Best Locations

Learn about the pathways and FUTS system in and around Flagstaff.

Talented Staff

Not just bike guides, but professionals in the field of recreation and leisure life balance.

A Unique Experience

Discover how e-biking can reduce pollution, increase your fitness and see more of the outdoors while meeting your physical ability.



We are facilitators and join us to experience the Fat Tire E-bike throughout the Flagstaff Urban Trails. No single tracks or rough rides as we aim to introduce people to transportation and recreation alternatives with pedal assist. We have been doing fat tire e-bike tours in Scottsdale AZ, for over a year with great results. We will teach and educate you on the operation of the bike and the the rules and regulations of the trails and roads. This is an educational and experiential service tour.

Beautiful Sites

Let’s Ride and see the outdoor areas in and around Flagstaff while being able to operate a bike at 7000 feet. If needed, you can engage the pedal assist option on the bike to help you get up those hills, along the trails and enjoy the sites. To enjoy our experiential tours riders should have good balance and the ability to operate a 65 lb bike. We have (2) smaller bikes for those around 5'5" and full-size bikes for all else. All riders must sign a release form acknowledging their own risk of riding bikes. Tours are for adults 18 and older.

A New Discovery

Our customers love the experience and many choose to purchase a bike direct from our official provider "Rad Power Bikes". The bike tour is educational and recreational by facilitators and provides work-life leisure message while in the outdoors. Our guides are professional recreation experts and the bikes are just part of the process. Ride with us and decide if you can experience exercise, recreation and the outdoors with an e-bike in your life.